[ 973MGDWGMMS19 ] SE (*)Global Marketing Management

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Workload Ausbildungslevel Studienfachbereich VerantwortlicheR Semesterstunden Anbietende Uni
6 ECTS M2 - Master 2. Jahr Betriebswirtschaftslehre Katharina Hofer 3 SSt Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Anmeldevoraussetzungen (*)KS Marketing Management ODER IK Angewandte Marketingforschung UND SE Integration Marketing Theorie und Praxis
Quellcurriculum Masterstudium Management 2022W
Ziele (*)This course aims to:

  • Introduce a range of global marketing management issues pertinent to understanding how a firm needs to act in a dynamic environment.
  • Equip students with a sound understanding of the marketing management process for developing strategies for different international market environments.
  • Provide students with a rigorous foundation and tools for analysis for international markets.
  • Identify international market conditions and challenges for marketing mix strategies.
  • Enable students to integrate theoretical concepts and models from the literature with practical business applications.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this course, the students will be able to:

  • LO1: Appreciate the scope and character of marketing in dynamic international markets. [subject knowledge]
  • LO2: Synthesise knowledge of marketing strategy, marketing operations and tactics and apply concepts to international cases. [cognitive/analytical]
  • LO3: Accurately identify and apply relevant theory within specific international contexts. [cognitive/analytical]
  • LO4: Discuss and evaluate issues of firms’ social responsibility in the context of global marketing management. [cognitive/analytical]
  • LO5: Demonstrate the ability to formulate and present a concise approach which exposes concepts and solutions logically and coherently. [transferable skills]
Lehrinhalte (*)Indicative content includes:

  • Exploring the strategic marketing management process in a global context, e.g. influential factors of the environment
  • Understanding global markets and customers, e.g. international customer segmentation
  • International market entry strategies, e.g. exporting strategies, joint ventures, foreign direct investment
  • Implementation of the strategic marketing process through the marketing mix
  • International price decisions, e.g. price escalation, grey markets
  • International channel decisions, e.g. omnichannel and multichannel management
  • International communication decisions, e.g. communication channels
Beurteilungskriterien (*)
  • Participation in class through attendance and active contributions (15%)
  • Presentation and report of a group project on one international marketing management topic including theoretical perspective and company analysis based on up-to-date literature (60%)
  • Individual paper reflecting the state of the art in CSR research in the global context (25%)
  • All parts of the assessment have to be positive in order to pass the course
  • Peer evaluation at the end of the course
  • All students have to be able to demonstrate and make clearly identifiable their individual contributions to group work.
  • Free riding behaviour is not accepted, leading to downgrading or exclusion from the course
  • Plagiarism is not accepted. Regular plagiarism checks are performed.
Lehrmethoden (*)The learning and teaching strategy is designed to develop knowledge and understanding in both theoretical and practical perspectives. In addition to self-directed learning, the teaching and learning methods include formal lecture and tutorial, use of case studies and seminar exercises.
Literatur (*)Hollensen, Svend (2017). Global Marketing, 7th ed. Harlow: Pearson Education.

Cavusgil, S. Tamer, Knight, Gary, and Riesenberger, John (2017): International Business – The New Realities. 4th ed., Harlow: Pearson Education.

Ghauri, Pervez N., and Cateora, P. (2014), International Marketing, 4th ed. Maidenhead: McGraw Hill Education.

Kotler, Philip, Keller, Kevin Lane, Chernev, Alexander (2022): Marketing Management. Global/16th Edition. Person: Harlow (England).

Varying up-to-date articles from academic marketing and international business journals.

Other materials can be retrieved from Moodle and/or will be announced in class.

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Äquivalenzen (*)973SMCPTIMS10: Advanced Topics in International Marketing (2 ECTS) UND 973SMCPAIMS16: Applied International Marketing (4 ECTS)
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