[ 515RSOIRSOS20 ] SE Research Seminar in Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Es ist eine neuere Version 2023W dieser LV im Curriculum Diploma programme Business Education 2023W vorhanden.
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Workload Education level Study areas Responsible person Hours per week Coordinating university
3 ECTS B3 - Bachelor's programme 3. year Business Administration Elke Schüßler 2 hpw Johannes Kepler University Linz
Detailed information
Pre-requisites (*)Modul Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship ODER Modul Foundations of Organization
Original study plan Bachelor's programme (*)Betriebswirtschaftslehre 2021W
Objectives Students possess a deeper understanding of organization, entrepreneurship and innovation theory and understand current trends and methods in the research fields. They are capable of suggesting ways to advance the current state of the art in research. Students have the ability to develop research questions and carry out small research studies (f.i. fieldwork, case studies).
Subject Selected organization, innovation and entrepreneurship topics Planning of research and research application in the field Research methods Presentation and critical discussion of findings of field studies
Criteria for evaluation Pre- and post-seminar assignments, term paper
Methods Lecture, discussion, fieldwork (f.i. interviews), groupwork and presentation
Language English and French
Study material Course material and selected literature list
Changing subject? Yes
Corresponding lecture (*)572ORGIFORS17: SE Forschungsseminar Organisation und Innovation (3 ECTS)
On-site course
Maximum number of participants 25
Assignment procedure Assignment according to priority