[ 572GVWLEVWK20 ] KS Introduction to Economics

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3 ECTS B1 - Bachelor's programme 1. year Economics Martin Halla 2 hpw Johannes Kepler University Linz
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Pre-requisites (*)keine
Original study plan Bachelor's programme Economics and Business 2021W
Objectives Objectives: This course provides an introduction to current economic issues, as well as basic principles and methods of economics. Modern economics is characterized by its theory-led empirical research, which is used to answer a large number of questions. The aim of this course is to introduce students to this method of argumentation and to arouse their interest in this subject.
Subject Principles, demand, supply, market equilibrium, aggregation, unemployment, inflation.
Criteria for evaluation Final exam
Methods Lecture, online discussion board, tutorials.
Language German
Study material Textbook, study slides, presentation slides, further online resources.
Changing subject? No
Further information
Earlier variants They also cover the requirements of the curriculum (from - to)
572VWEFEINK15: KS Introduction to Economics (2015W-2020S)
1VEINFK: KS Introduction to Economics (2009W-2015S)
On-site course
Maximum number of participants 200
Assignment procedure Assignment according to priority
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Number obligatory dates     0    
MuSSS assistance     N N    
Number participants (min/max)     25 / 700    
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Basisliteratur für den Kurs ist das Lehrbuch Principles of Economics von Betsey Stevenson und Justin Wolfers, erschienen bei Worth Publishers in 2020. Diese Buch ist nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich.

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Sat02.07.202209:15 - 11:00HS 16Klausur
Sat02.07.202209:15 - 11:00HS 2Klausur
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