[ 515SCSMGSCK20 ] KS Supply Chain Fundamentals

Es ist eine neuere Version 2023W dieser LV im Curriculum Master's programme Polymer Engineering and Science (PES) 2024W vorhanden.
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Workload Education level Study areas Responsible person Hours per week Coordinating university
3 ECTS B1 - Bachelor's programme 1. year Business Administration Sophie Parragh 2 hpw Johannes Kepler University Linz
Detailed information
Original study plan Bachelor's programme (*)Betriebswirtschaftslehre 2020W
Objectives Students acquire insights into the supply chain management field. They are familiar with the fundamental concepts, models, methods and approaches of supply chain management and they are able to apply them to case study problems.
  • Fundamentals of model building, planning levels and supply chains.
  • Fundamental concepts, problems, approaches and methods in production and operations management (forecasting, aggregate planning, linear programming, MRP-II)
  • Fundamental concepts, problems, approaches and methods in logistics and supply chain management (inventory management (newsvendor), location and distribution planning, network design)
  • Application of spreadsheet tools for decision support
Criteria for evaluation Exams, Exercises
Methods Lecture, discussion
Language German or English depending on the participants. If you prefer the course in Eng
Study material Stevenson, WJ. Operations Management. McGraw-Hill Education Ltd; in der aktuellen Auflage Günther, HO, Tempelmeier, H (2016) Produktion und Logistik – Supply Chain und Operations Management. Books on Demand.
Changing subject? No
On-site course
Maximum number of participants 200
Assignment procedure Assignment according to priority
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Tue27.04.202108:30 - 12:00via ZOOMZwischenklausur (Info im Moodlekurs beachten!)
Tue29.06.202108:30 - 12:00via ZOOMSchlussklausur (Uhrzeiteinteilung erfolgt nach Anmeldeschluss)
Tue14.09.202108:30 - 12:00Nachklausur Uhrzeitänderung möglich (präsent oder digital)
Thu25.11.202117:00 - 18:00via ZOOMTutorium
Tue30.11.202109:00 - 10:30via ZOOMZwischenklausur ONLINE
Tue30.11.202116:00 - 17:30via ZOOMZwischenklausur ONLINE
Thu20.01.202217:00 - 18:00via ZOOMTutorium
Tue25.01.202208:30 - 10:00via ZOOMONLINE Schlussklausur (Timeslot 1)
Tue25.01.202215:45 - 17:15via ZOOMONLINE Schlussklausur (Timeslot 2)
Tue15.02.202208:30 - 10:00via ZOOMNachklausur
Mon25.04.202217:15 - 18:45via ZOOMTutorial
Tue03.05.202219:00 - 20:30HS 1Mid-term exam
Thu02.06.202212:00 - 13:30P 004Inspection Midterm-exam
Mon20.06.202217:15 - 18:45Online via ZOOMTutorial
Tue28.06.202217:15 - 18:45HS 15Final Exam - Lecture hall allocation: Lastname A - H
Tue28.06.202217:15 - 18:45HS 16Final Exam - Lecture hall allocation: Lastname K - Z
Tue04.10.202210:15 - 11:45HS 19Resit exam
Wed23.11.202217:00 - 18:00Online via ZOOMTutorium
Tue29.11.202208:30 - 10:00HS 10Zwischenklausur
Tue29.11.202213:45 - 15:15HS 2Zwischenklausur Hörsaaleinteilung: Nachname A - M
Tue29.11.202213:45 - 15:15HS 15Zwischenklausur Hörsaaleinteilung: Nachname N - Z
Tue29.11.202217:15 - 18:45HS 10Zwischenklausur
Tue29.11.202219:00 - 20:30HS 16Zwischenklausur
Mon19.12.202212:00 - 13:30BA 9907Einsichtnahme Zwischenklausur
Tue24.01.202317:00 - 18:00Online via ZOOMTutorium
Tue31.01.202310:15 - 11:45HS 3Timeslot 1 Schlussklausur Hörsaaleinteilung: Nachname L - Z
Tue31.01.202310:15 - 11:45HS 9Timeslot 1 Schlussklausur Hörsaaleinteilung: Nachname A - K
Tue31.01.202313:45 - 15:15HS 16Timeslot 2 Schlussklausur Hörsaaleinteilung: Nachname A - M
Tue31.01.202313:45 - 15:15HS 9Timeslot 2 Schlussklausur Hörsaaleinteilung: Nachname N - Z
Tue31.01.202317:15 - 18:45HS 2Timeslot 3 Schlussklausur Hörsaaleinteilung: Nachname A - O
Tue31.01.202317:15 - 18:45HS 4Timeslot 3 Schlussklausur Hörsaaleinteilung: Nachname P - Z
Tue28.02.202308:30 - 10:00HS 1Nachklausur
Mon24.04.202317:30 - 18:30Online via ZOOMTutorial for midterm exam
Tue02.05.202312:00 - 13:30HS 1Midterm Exam: Timeslot 1
Tue02.05.202317:15 - 18:45HS 10Midterm Exam: Timeslot 2
Tue20.06.202317:30 - 18:30Online via ZOOMTutorial for final exam
Tue27.06.202312:00 - 13:30HS 1Final Exam
Tue19.09.202315:30 - 17:00HS 10Resit Exam