[ 290MAFSBICV18 ] VL Biochemistry

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Workload Education level Study areas Responsible person Hours per week Coordinating university
3 ECTS B3 - Bachelor's programme 3. year Chemistry Wolfgang Schöfberger 2 hpw Johannes Kepler University Linz
Detailed information
Original study plan Bachelor's programme Chemistry 2018W
Objectives The course provides a broad array of fundamental knowledge in general biochemistry with respect to structural and functional relationships living organisms. It is based on principal chemistry of organic and inorganic biologically active compounds and on fundamental non-covalent interactions which take place in biological systems on the level of molecules and cells. Structural and functional properties of components which play a role in signaling and energy transmission are emphasized.
  1. Introduction to Biochemistry, The origin of life, Mechanisms of molecular interactions, Covalent and non-covalent bonds in biochemistry.
  2. Chemistry of principal biomolecules: Amino acids, Peptides, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Nucleic acids.
  3. Enzymology and enzyme catalysis: Principles of catalysts and enzyme activity, Enzyme kinetics, Enzyme properties, Examples of enzymes.
  4. Gene expression and proteosynthesis.
  5. Biological membranes and membrane transport.
  6. Introduction to metabolism and bioenergetics.
  7. Carbohydrate metabolism, Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis.
  8. Lipid metabolism.
  9. Citric acid cycle, Electron transport, Oxidative phosphorylation.
  10. Metabolism of amino acids.
  11. Photosynthesis and photosynthetic machinery.
  12. Integration and regulation of energetic metabolism.
Criteria for evaluation final exam
Methods lecture
Language English
Study material A. L. Lehninger, D. L. Nelson, M. M. Cox: Principles of Biochemistry
Changing subject? No
Corresponding lecture TCBPFVOBICH: VO Biochemistry (2,6 ECTS)
On-site course
Maximum number of participants -
Assignment procedure Direct assignment