[ 2IMGTGSM ] SE Master Seminar Global Strategic Management

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Workload Ausbildungslevel Studienfachbereich VerantwortlicheR Semesterstunden Anbietende Uni
3 ECTS D - Diplom Betriebswirtschaftslehre Iris Fischlmayr 2 SSt Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Anmeldevoraussetzungen Modul Strategic Management
KS International Business UND IK International Market Entry UND SE Cross Cultural Management
Quellcurriculum Diplomstudium Wirtschaftswissenschaften 2009W
Ziele (*)This course aims at developing strategic thinking in a global context. The main objectives of this course are:
- To introduce students to the domain of international strategy and global strategic management;
- To understand the processes of strategy formulation and their implementation in a global setting;
- To be aware of competing arguments behind a number of strategic approaches and to find criteria for choosing a specific strategy;
- To learn to work together, to discuss and to decide as a team.
Upon completion of this course, students should have:
- The ability to conduct a strategic analysis in a global stetting;
- The ability to select and critically apply analytical frameworks and tools;
- The knowhow to obtain and analyze information which will aid decision making;
- The ability to analyze cases which approximates closely to the rapid analysis of global business situations.
Lehrinhalte (*)Utilizing a teaching approach that mixes cases and class discussions, students will learn key concepts and frameworks used in crafting and implementing global strategy. The reading will give you a broad picture of what global strategy is about. Furthermore, this course will provide students with the opportunity to sharpen the written and oral presentation competencies. The course contains regular case teaching sessions and competitive case sessions. Preparatory questions will be assigned along with all teaching case sessions. Students are expected to analyze the case within their working group before coming to class and to prepare a Power Point presentation summarizing their key findings. The slides form the basis for the discussion of the cases in the class. In each of two competitive case sessions, two groups (thus, competing session) will be asked to present their case analysis and strategic recommendation for the case at hand. Students will also need to provide a written case analysis before the presentation, which will be made public to the group for comments and discussion.
Beurteilungskriterien (*)Group Level (40%)
- Analysis for Competing Cases
Individual Level (60%)
- Written Exam
Students will be assessed on:
- Their knowledge on the content domain of Global Strategic Management;
- Their ability to understand the strategic issues in the cases they present, to use the appropriate analytical techniques and to marshal the relevant data;
- The quality of the presentations, the written reports and the examination questions; by quality in this context we mean the clarity and persuasiveness of each bit of work;
- This implies an ability to work in teams;
- Students failing to participate in their teams will lose the marks for that piece of work. In order to complete the course, students have to reach more than 50% in each category and more than 50% across all categories.
Lehrmethoden (*)Classroom discussion
case studies
group work
Literatur (*)The reading package can be purchased at the department secretary’s office
Lehrinhalte wechselnd? Nein
Sonstige Informationen (*)Teaching Case Assignment: Each group is required to discuss and prepare the cases specified in the course outline for the respective sessions. For each teaching case assignment, groups may be asked at random to present their findings to the class.

Competing Case Assignment: Each student group is expected to hold one competitive presentation in any of the two competing case sessions. Assignment to groups and sessions will be done in the first lecture. The case assignment consists of two parts: a written case report and the actual presentation (.ppt, .key or .pdf format). These documents have to be submitted to the lecturer at least three days before the session and will be made public to the class. Both the verbal presentation and the submitted overall report will be assessed.

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