[ 926ENTR14 ] Subject Entrepreneurship

Workload Mode of examination Education level Study areas Responsible person Coordinating university
18 / 24 ECTS Accumulative subject examination M1 - Master's programme 1. year Business Administration Norbert Kailer Johannes Kepler University Linz
Detailed information
Original study plan Master's programme Business Informatics 2016W
Objectives Students know the definitions and key theoretical approaches and instruments in the fields of Entrepreneurial Marketing, Entrepreneurial Strategy, Entrepreneurial Finance and Entrepreneurial Learning. They are familiar with relevant methods of Managerial and Financial Accounting, know relevant frameworks of supporting infrastructure and their offers, and apply the acquired knowledge to create a business plan. They understand success factors for business creation and business succession.
Subject Start-ups, SME, and family enterprises; entrepreneurial competency profile and competency development, personal traits of entrepreneurs; opportunity recognition; business-planning; strategic, corporate and international entrepreneurship; entrepreneurial finance; entrepreneurial marketing; framework conditions for entrepreneurs, the support infrastructure for entrepreneurs, managerial accounting, financial accounting.
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