[ 978LSCH10 ] Subject Language Skills Chinese

Workload Mode of examination Education level Study areas Responsible person Coordinating university
9 ECTS Accumulative subject examination M2 - Master's programme 2. year Languages Ilse Born-Lechleitner JKU Linz, UVic, NSYSU
Detailed information
Original study plan Master's programme Joint Master's Program Global Business - Canada/Taiwan 2020W
Objectives Acquisition of communicative competences in the target language at level A1/A2

Note: Austrian students learn Chinese; students from Taiwan learn German as a foreign language; students from Canada have the choice between Chinese and German

Subject Teaching the first basic language skills, especially pronunciation, using the three basic skills (speaking, listening, reading). Dealing with personal and everyday topics, such as greeting each other, introducing oneself, giving details about family, work, education, nationality, etc.

Extending the language skills acquired so far; training all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), taking into account the cultural aspects of Taiwan and China. Further treatment of everyday topics, such as travel, weather, shopping and eating.

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