[ 978GBFU10 ] Studienfach (*)Global Business Fundamentals

(*) Leider ist diese Information in Deutsch nicht verfügbar.
Workload Form der Prüfung Ausbildungslevel Studienfachbereich VerantwortlicheR Anbietende Uni
10 ECTS Kumulative Fachprüfung M2 - Master 2. Jahr Betriebswirtschaftslehre Werner Auer-Rizzi University of Victoria
Quellcurriculum Masterstudium Joint Master's Program Global Business - Canada/Taiwan 2020W
Ziele (*)
  • Students gain a profound understanding of international/global business processes from a business and functional perspective. The courses in this module deal with the international dimension of financing (International Financial Management), marketing (International Marketing), strategy (International Strategy), as well as logistics and supply chain management (International Logistics and Supply Chain Management).
  • Students are able to analyse complex interrelationships between these functions in a global economic context.
Lehrinhalte (*)International Financial Managment

  • international financial markets
  • financial decision making of multinational firms
  • international monetary systems
  • exchange rate determination
  • foreign currency derivates
  • risk management techniques
  • investments, financing and operating in global markets

International Marketing and Global Strategy

  • strategic challenges facing businesses in an international context with focus on marketing
  • controlling and co-ordinating activities in multiple markets
  • managing diverse markets
  • responding to consumer and competitor differences
  • impact of different institutional structures
  • coping with market consolidation

International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • global supply chains and logistic flows
  • risks and opportunities of global sourcing
  • designing and implementing global supply chains, foreign manufacturing, inventory management
  • coping with security concerns
  • outsourcing, service standards, transportation options, performance evaluation
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