[ 480MAADINFU14 ] IK International Finance for Engineers

Workload Education level Study areas Responsible person Hours per week Coordinating university
3 ECTS M1 - Master's programme 1. year Business Administration Johann Burgstaller 2 hpw Johannes Kepler University Linz
Detailed information
Pre-requisites VL Financial Accounting and Sustainability Accounting
IK Financial Accounting and Sustainability Accounting
Original study plan Master's programme Management in Polymer Technologies (MPT) 2019W
Objectives The course focuses on the principles of financial management in the international context. Students should become familiar with the functioning of international financial (foreign exchange and capital) markets and instruments, and understand which strategies multinational corporations may apply to hedge risks through the use of financial derivatives.
  1. International equity and debt financing: sources and options for raising funds; international capital markets (size, structure, traded instruments); types and characteristics of debt and equity instruments (including bank loans, private equity, venture capital and business angels).
  2. Spot markets: organization (size, structure, characteristics) of and price determination on spot markets, with a special focus on foreign exchange and commodities markets, as well as interest rates.
  3. Forwards and futures markets: characteristics of forward and futures contracts and markets; uses of forwards and futures with reference to foreign exchange, commodities and interest rates; pricing.
  4. Options markets: options basics, markets and strategies; application with reference to foreign exchange, commodities and interest rates.
  5. Swaps: characteristics of swaps and swap markets; usage related to foreign exchange, interest rates and commodities.
Criteria for evaluation Assigned exercises, final exam.
Methods Project-based group work.
Language English
Study material Brealey, R.A., Myers, S.C., Allen, F. (2011), Principles of Corporate Finance, 10th ed., McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
Madura, J. (2008), International Financial Management, 9th ed., Thomson South-Western.
Bodie, Z., Kane, A., Marcus, A.J. (2011), Investments, 9th ed., McGraw-Hill/Irwin.
Changing subject? No
Corresponding lecture WKMPMSEINFI: SE International Finance for Engineers (3 ECTS)
On-site course
Maximum number of participants 30
Assignment procedure Assignment according to priority