[ 663BICHBL212 ] Module Biochemistry Laboratory 2

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5 ECTS Accumulative module examination B2 - Bachelor's programme 2. year (*)Biologische Chemie Hana Tykalova USB Budweis
Detailed information
Pre-requisites PR Praktikum aus Allgemeiner Chemie? & Biochemistry 2 (Modul)
Original study plan Bachelor's programme Biological Chemistry 2023W
Objectives Laboratory course introduces students to selected advanced topics in analytical and preparative biochemistry.
Subject Advanced laboratory exercises in biochemistry
Further information Comparison of protein separation by SDS-PAGE using different concentrations of acrylamide and in gradient gels. Comparison of staining of SDS-PAGE separated proteins using different methods (Ponceau, CBB, silver). Electroblotting of proteins and its use - immunoblotting, lectinoblotting; sensitivity and specificity of immunoblotting; Schiff staining of glycoproteins. Protein labelling using FITC and visualization using SDS-PAGE.

Contents of laboratories: 1.Isolation of nucleic acids from algae. 2. Affinity chromatography of photosystem II.. 3. Separation of amino acids by ion exchange. 4. Cleavage of gelatine by trypsin, Michaelis constant determination. 5. Electrophoresis of proteins from thylacoid membranes. 6. Determination of relative molecular weight of peroxidase by gel filtration. 7. Kinetics of Hill`s reaction. 8. Affinity chromatography of IgG. 9. Isolation of lectins from the seesd of leguminous plants. 10. Analysis of carbohydrates by anthrone agent. 11. Isolation of horse radish peroxidase. 12. Preparation of thylacoid membrane fractions on density gradient of succrose. 13. Spectrophotometry determination of tyrosine and tryptophane in proteins. 14. Quantitative analysis of glucose. 15. Time course analysis of cleavage of gelatine by trypsin. 16. Measurement of peroxidase activity: estimation of kinetic parameters. 17. Isolation of mannan from yeast. 18. Glycans of cellular glycoproteins: analysis by affiinity blotting. 19. Imunoblotting of tick heamolymph with rabbit antibodies against lectin. 20. Isolation of DNA from calf thymus. 21. Isolation of DNA from liver of laboratory rat.

Corresponding lecture ANTBIOCBC2U10: PR Biochemisches Praktikum 2 (3 ECTS)
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