[ 921CGELCCOK23 ] KV (*)Cloud Computing

(*) Leider ist diese Information in Deutsch nicht verfügbar.
Workload Ausbildungslevel Studienfachbereich VerantwortlicheR Semesterstunden Anbietende Uni
1,5 ECTS M2 - Master 2. Jahr Informatik Rick Rabiser 1 SSt Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Quellcurriculum Masterstudium Computer Science 2023W
Ziele (*)Students learn how to set up continuous integration/delivery pipelines in a state-of-the art cloud technology, to cover the journey from code to a scalable application running in the cloud.
Lehrinhalte (*)This course teaches the basics and underlying principles of the cloud computing paradigm, including history, key terms, challenges and trends. This includes important underlying concepts such as microservice architectures but also specific techniques such as container technologies. In its practical part, the course covers the journey from code to a scalable application running in the cloud. Therefore, students, e.g., learn how to build applications using continuous integration pipelines. State-of-the art cloud technologies to operate applications are explained. Finally, ways to deploy applications are explored, e.g., by setting up a continuous delivery pipeline.
Beurteilungskriterien (*)Students have to present results of a project to be completed as homework (60%). Also, there will be a written exam at the end of the lecture (40%). Both parts have to be completed with a positive mark.
Lehrmethoden (*)Mix of presentations and practical work combined with a project as homework.
Abhaltungssprache Englisch
Literatur (*)Slides, examples, video recordings of lectures.
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