[ 572WEC1IFEK20 ] KS Interkulturelle Fertigkeiten Englisch (C1)

Workload Ausbildungslevel Studienfachbereich VerantwortlicheR Semesterstunden Anbietende Uni
3 ECTS B1 - Bachelor 1. Jahr Sprachen Thomas Rankin 2 SSt Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Anmeldevoraussetzungen KS Kommunikative Fertigkeiten Englisch (B2) ODER Zulassung zum Bachelorstudium International Business Administration
Quellcurriculum Bachelorstudium Wirtschaftswissenschaften 2020W 2021W
Ziele This course is designed to promote

  • understanding and cultural appreciation
  • cultural and language awareness
  • language competence and production through skills work
  • language, cultural, and personal flexibility
  • insight into systems, conventions, and lifestyles
  • understanding of issues, values, and attitudes in the students’ own culture and in other cultures
  • coping with diversity privately and professionally
  • Culture concepts
  • Cultural anthropology and theories
  • Cultural identity and awareness, ethnocentricity
  • Critical evaluation of resources
  • Gestures and meaning
  • Proverbs and culture
  • Values and attitudes across cultures
  • Culture Box
  • Political systems
  • Education and its influence on mentality
  • Coping with culture shock, customs, stereotypes, and attitudes
  • Austria’s image abroad
  • Language and humor, dialects and identity
  • Approaches to problem-solving and decision-making
  • 80% attendance
  • Active participation
  • Class meeting preparation of readings, cases, research results, write-ups
  • Individual Cultural Awareness Portfolio
  • Individual Cultural Awareness Paper (1000 words)
  • Cultural Awareness Poster and Presentation

The final grade in this course consists of 50% oral production (in-class and poster presentation) and 50% written production (paper, poster, portfolio contents). Both written and oral work must be positive to complete the course.

  • Individual and group activities
  • Discussion
  • Presentation
  • Text production
  • Self-study
Abhaltungssprache Englisch
Literatur Web based resources
Practice materials provided by instructor; self study materials for Course
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572WIENIFEK18: KS Interkulturelle Fertigkeiten Englisch (C1) (2018W-2020S)
572CISEINTK15: KS Interkulturelle Fertigkeiten Englisch (C1) (2015W-2018S)
1FENIF: KS Interkulturelle Fertigkeiten Englisch (C1) (2009W-2015S)
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