[ 863MODBVIR15 ] Modul (*)Virology

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3 ECTS Kumulative Modulprüfung M2 - Master 2. Jahr Biologische Chemie Daniel Růžek USB Budweis
Quellcurriculum Masterstudium Joint Master Programme Biological Chemistry 2015W
Ziele (*)Introduction to virology and virus-cell interactions; historical milestones in virology.
Lehrinhalte (*)General properties of viruses (the architecture of viruses, viral genome types), classification and nomenclature of viruses; molecular principles of viral replication: mechanisms of viral entry into the host cell, types of receptors, replication of viral genome, virus assembly, maturation and release from the host cell. How viruses cause disease (viral factors: pathogenicity and virulence; interaction between viruses and host cells; spread of viruses in the host; patterns of disease; shedding of virus from the host). Resistance to virus infections (general factors in resistance; local non-specific defences; the adaptive immune system; T-cells and cell-mediated immunity; harmful immune responses; resistance and recovery). Viruses and cancers in mammals (general features of viral oncogenesis; viral oncogenes; cellular oncogenes; viruses implicated in cancers of humans). Viruses of bacteria, plants and animals; selected viral diseases in humans. Control of viral diseases by immunization (the technology and practicalities of virus vaccine production and development; virus vaccines and public health; passive immunization; new approaches to vaccine development). Antiviral chemotherapy (points of action of antivirals in the virus life cycle; the use of antivirals: general considerations; the future of antivirals). Genetic variation of viruses, new and (re)emerging viral diseases; ecology and epidemiology of viruses. Virological methods; special safety precautions in virological laboratories. Current and future use of viruses in biotechnology and medicine.
Sonstige Informationen (*)Recommended reading:

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Äquivalenzen (*)863MODBVIR12: Module Virology (5 ECTS)
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