[ 863MODBDCB12 ] Module Developmental and Comparative Biochemistry

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3 ECTS Accumulative module examination M2 - Master's programme 2. year (*)Biologische Chemie Libor Grubhoffer USB Budweis
Detailed information
Original study plan Master's programme Joint Master Programme Biological Chemistry 2015W
Objectives Course objectives include acquiring an additional understanding of developmental and comparative biochemistry.
Subject Developmental and comparative biochemistry address the biochemical and molecular/cellular biological aspects of evolutionary history as well as the ontogeny of living organisms. The use of model organisms {Escheria coli; parasitic unicellular eukaryotes; parasitic metazoans (worms), caenorhabditis (free living worm); drosophila fly; autotrophic organisms/microorganisms, vertebrates/mammalians} and the selected unique traits of structural and functional features in individual molecules and their pathways is a practical approach in tackling this voluminous subject.
Corresponding lecture VL Developmental and Comparative Biochemistry (3 ECTS) (as lecture)
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