[ 863BIBCGMA19 ] Module Genetics - the Molecular Approach

Workload Mode of examination Education level Study areas Responsible person Coordinating university
3 ECTS Accumulative module examination M2 - Master's programme 2. year (*)Biologische Chemie Michal ┼Żurovec USB Budweis
Detailed information
Original study plan Master's programme Biological Chemistry 2019W
Objectives To broaden knowledge on the topic.
Subject This is an advanced course exploring the application of genetic tools in model systems in order to analyze developmental events and human diseases. The course focuses on human genetics, Drosophila , yeast, C. elegans and mice as model systems, and will provide a background in methods of in vivo genetic analysis. The course will illustrate numerous fundamental principles required for the understanding of modern biology.
Further information Lecture topics include :

1) Introduction to human genetics

2) Human genetic disorders

3) Gene therapy and tissue engineering

4) Yeast (S. cerevisiae) model and molecular genetic analysis of cell division

5) Molecular biology of cancer

6) Drosophila melanogaster and developmental genetics

7) C. elegans and molecular dissection of signaling pathways by epistatic analysis

8) Molecular genetic analysis of mouse (Mus muscullus)

9) genetic analysis of growth control in Metazoa

10) New methodical approaches

Corresponding lecture 863BIBCMBG12: Molecular Biology and Genetics II (3 ECTS)
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