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(*) Leider ist diese Information in Deutsch nicht verfügbar.
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3 ECTS M2 - Master 2. Jahr Physik Kurt Hingerl 2 SSt Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Quellcurriculum Masterstudium Technische Physik 2021W
Ziele (*)The major objective for this course is to teach material science techniques applied to metals. Major emphasis is put on their mechanical properties and the connection to grain boundaries and dislocations. Also the thermodynamic properties of alloys and an introduction to (non-) equilibrium phase transitions is given.

Necessary (examined) Prerequisites: Theory II (Quantum Mechanics)
Theory IV (Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics)
Solid State Physics I

Lehrinhalte (*)a) Atomic structure, crystals and their defects
b) Elasticity and the most important mechanical properties, hardening mechanisms
c) Alloys and phase diagrams
d) Diffusion
e) Nucleation and grain growth
f) Nonequilibrium phase transitions (Martensite, Bainite)
g) Corrosion
h) Steel, advanced high strength steels
Beurteilungskriterien (*)Oral exam testing the understanding of the concepts of material science, and metal physics.
Lehrmethoden (*)Teaching is done by deriving important formulas and concepts on the blackboard as well as powerpoint presentations with pdf downloads.

In addition, an excursion to Voest Alpine Stahl is organized in the course of the lecture.

Abhaltungssprache Englisch
Literatur (*)a) E. Hornbogen · H.Warlimont, Metalle, Springer, Berlin (2006)
b) G. Gottstein, Physical Foundations of Materials Science, Springer (2004)
c) Ashcroft, Neil W, Mermin, N. David, Solid state physics, Harcourt College Publishers, (1976)
c) Charles Kittel, Introduction to Solid State Physics, John Wiley and sons, (1996)
d) J. F. Nye, Physical Properties of Crystals, Oxford Science Publications, (1985)
e) Landau Lifschitz, Bd. 7, Elastizitätstheorie
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Sonstige Informationen (*)Course is held biannualy, partly by a colleague from Voest Alpine Stahl (Dr. Ludovik Samek)

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