[ 497POCHCIPV19 ] VL (*)Chemical Interactions in Polymers

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1,5 ECTS M1 - Master 1. Jahr Chemie Oliver Brüggemann 1 SSt Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Quellcurriculum Masterstudium Polymer Chemistry 2019W
Ziele (*)This lecture describes the stability, the resistance and the degradation of polymers, as well as the different additives which are added to polymers in plastic materials. A special focus lies on the chemical mechanisms of autooxidation and photooxidation of polymers, and on stabilizers which shall prevent these reactions.
Lehrinhalte (*)Part 1: a) Corrosion of Polymers

b) Plastic Additives:

  • Antioxidants
  • Metal Deactivators
  • Light Stabilizers
  • PVC Stabilizers
  • Plasticizers
  • Lubricants and Related Additives
  • Processing Aids
  • High-Polymeric Additives for Improving Impact Strength
  • Fillers and Reinforcements
  • Fiber Reinforcements
  • Colorants
  • Flame Retardants
  • Antistatic Agents

Part 2:
Plastic Additives:

  • Curing Agents, Accelerators, Catalysts
  • Fluorescent Whitening Agents
  • Biostabilizers
  • Chemical Blowing Agents
  • Organic Peroxides as Cross-linking Agents
  • Nucleating Agents for Partly Crystalline Polymers
  • Lubricants, Mould Release Agents
  • Additives for Recycling
  • Health and Safety
  • Analysis of Additives

Part 3:

  • Additives and Stabilizers in Polymers
  • Mechanisms of Polymer Degradation and Stabilization
  • Controlled Degradation and Stabilization
Beurteilungskriterien (*)Oral examination
Lehrmethoden (*)Lecture
Questions allowed during the lecture
Abhaltungssprache English and German
Literatur (*)a) Corrosion of Polymers and Elastomers; Philip A. Schweitzer; CRC Press
b) Plastics Additives Handbook; Reinhard Gächter, Helmut Müller, P. P. Klemchuk; Hanser Fachbuch
c) Additives for Plastics Handbook; John Murphy; Elsevier
d) Handbook of Polymer Degradation; S. Halim Hamid; CRC Press
e) Functional Fillers for Plastics; Marino Xanthos; Wiley-VCH
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