[ MEMWHVOHFKL ] VL Advanced Strength of Materials

Workload Education level Study areas Responsible person Hours per week Coordinating university
3 ECTS M2 - Master's programme 2. year Mechatronics Michael Krommer 2 hpw Johannes Kepler University Linz
Detailed information
Original study plan Master's programme Mechatronics 2021W
Objectives Fundamental concepts of the mechanics of thin-walled structures (plates, shells, thermal stresses)
Subject - Fundamentals of anisotropic elastic bodies - Plane thin-walled structures: Isotropic discs, multi-layered plates
- Cylindrical shells: membrane theory and bending theory
- Conduction of heat in solids
- Linearized theory of elasticity incorporating temperature effects
- Analytical solution
- Thermal stresses in rods and plates
- Analogy between problems in thermal stresses and problems in piezoelasticity
Criteria for evaluation written exam
Methods Blackboard
Language German, if desired English
Study material H. Parkus: Thermal Stresses
Changing subject? Yes
Further information none
On-site course
Maximum number of participants -
Assignment procedure Assignment according to sequence