[ 290CTPEMACV18 ] VL (*)Materials Characterisation

(*) Leider ist diese Information in Deutsch nicht verfügbar.
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3 ECTS B2 - Bachelor 2. Jahr Chemie Achim Walter Hassel 2 SSt Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
Quellcurriculum Bachelorstudium Chemistry 2018W
Ziele (*)The objectives are focused on providing basic information about using the most common techniques for materials testing and characterization.
Lehrinhalte (*)
  1. Introduction + SI Units
  2. Particles and powder characterization
  3. Mechanical characterization
  4. Thermal analysis
  5. Elementary particles and radiation
  6. Magnetic characterization, Corrosion
  7. Electrical characterization 1
  8. Electrical characterization 2
  9. SPM
  10. SEM, EDX, EBSD;
  11. XRD, (Crystallography)
  12. TEM, XPS
  13. Metallography, photography
Beurteilungskriterien (*)The lecture finishes with a written, 2.5h examination. The evaluation contains multiple choice questions, free descriptions of various techniques, free thinking – actions to take in real life situations and problem solving with elementary calculations.
Lehrmethoden (*)PowerPoint slides and board for calculation examples.
Abhaltungssprache Englisch
Literatur (*)The lecture itself would provide the minimum knowledge requested. Additional information may be found in various specialty books or instrument manufacturers.
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Sonstige Informationen (*)The examination at the end of this lecture is not something one would „try“ without thorough preparation. Having the necessary knowledge to pass the exam is a matter of study, not a matter of luck. Presence at the lecture is not compulsory, but is strongly recommended.
Äquivalenzen (*)TCBPEVOMACH: VO Materialprüfung und Charakterisierung (2,6 ECTS)
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